First official pictures of the all-electric Fisker Emotion

06/13/2017 03:34:30
First official pictures of the all-electric Fisker Emotion
Fisker has been teasing us for a while with some shots of its fully electric car Fisker Emotion but this time it finally dropped some real official pictures

Fisker has been teasing us for a while with some shots of its fully electric car Fisker Emotion and we’ve been waiting patiently until if finally drops some real photos of this beauty, and here they finally are. Look at the first official pictures of the all-electric car here with us, and tell us your opinion towards it.


The car is not scheduled to arrive until 2019 at the earliest and we wouldn’t be surprised to see revisions before then. To recap some of the numbers – although, again, it’s pinch of salt time – it’s a 161mph sports car with dihedral doors and a target range of over 400 miles. If UK pricing for the $129,900 project follows rough exchange rates, then it’s set to weigh in at around £100,000. It’s the first of a new range of cars that feature lighter-weight batteries than most other EVs, or so say its makers. A smaller, cheaper electric Fisker will arrive with a price tag of £30,000 or so, if things go well for the EMotion.



What’s more, to help Fisker Inc survive where Fisker Automotive couldn’t, it plans to sell its tech to other companies. High-volume production licensing could make the firm a mint, provided anyone wants to buy it. We don’t actually know of any major automotive group that isn’t already dabbling with its own electric drive.


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